Jonathan Groff Meets RJ


Jonathan Groff meeting RJ with Ang Lee on the set of “Taking Woodstock” in Millerton , NY.  Jonathan learned to ride with me with only 2 weeks to prep for the scene.  I started teaching him on my schoolmasters before having him ride RJ who is a seasoned Hollywood star.  RJ was one of the horses who played Hidalgo in the Disney classic film of the same name.  RJ spent months on the set in Morocco, Montana and California honing his craft.  Trained by Rex Peterson, RJ learned to work like a pro on set with tthe cast and crew.  Jonathan quickly learned to ride with the help of his background in dance and music, after all riding is all about rhythm and balance.  Jonathan’s riding experience helped secure a role in Robert Redford’s new film “The Conspirator”, currently filming in Savannah, Georgia.

RJ mud hill jonathan

This photo was taken on this mud field for the last scene of the film.  The groundskeeper watered the fields with fire hoses for two days to create the feeling of Woodstock after 4 days of rain.  The ground was so sloppy that RJ refused to walk in it.  The crew had to lay rubber stall mats to create a path for him to have secure footing.