How Does Your Horse See You?

Your horse should see you as the leader of the herd.  From the moment you snap the lead rope on the halter, he should be paying attention to you and respecting your space.  A common error we find is that people let their horse walk past them, on them, push into them, try to nip them for treats and ignore the handler’s personal space.  How your horse reponds to you on the ground will translate under saddle.  If he ignores you light tug to slow down and stay behind you while walking to the paddock, he will ignore your half halts and leg aids.  Set the tone immediately, and be the boss.

Establish rules and laws.  There must be consequences if these rules are broken or the trouble begins and soon your horse will take over.  Remember that you set the tone for your relationship and if you want a safe, confident, respectful horse, you must lay down the law and enforce them at the beginning.