Horses with Charisma

Doon Ashford Bay.jpgHorses with Charisma, what qualities make a rock star personality in a horse?

Many clients want a horse who oozes attitude,but with that attitude comes a strong character that must be managed and controlled. Some horses actually puff up and love to show off in the competition arena and it is this extra star quality that makes him a champion. The judges call this the “wow” factor and often reward each movement with a higher score simply because of the “je ne sais quoi” quality of the movements. It is much like celebrities who shine in the public eye–they possess star quality.

These horses need extra attention and require an entourage of people to look after their every need. They can be quite demanding. The pay off is that they are true champions–revelling in the spotlight. You can see this quality in many of the world champion horses in the world of dressage, jumping, racing, or any of the other equestrian sports.

Much can be attributed to the relationship the horse has with his rider too, some people bring out the best in their horses–it is a team effort. You often hear about horses that give it all to one person, yet perform poorly for others. That is precisely why the chemistry of horse and rider is so important, as with any great dance partnership.

Not everyone can handle this type of personality and must take that into account when looking for a partner. Some people are better off with a workmanlike personality, a horse who does his job willingly and happily but does not need all the attention.