Equine Nutritionist Don Kapper on Acid Reflux and Ulcers

A good friend and world reknown equine nutritionist, Dr. Don Kapper, advises me on how to feed and manage a horse prone to ulcers and acid reflux. Dr. Kapper has designed and developed successful equine nutrition programs for years. Currently he is the mastermind behind Progressive Nutrition’s feed program which is distributed throughout the US as well as France, England and Saudi Arabia.

He explains that horses digestive systems are designed to be fed high fiber diets which means plenty of hay and reduced amounts of starches. Top dressing the feed with one ounce of Arm and Hammer baking soda will also reduce the formation of acid. Some horses are more prone to creating acid than others. If you find a horse with this problem, a simple managed feeding program can maintain your horses health without the use of drugs.

If you have any nutrition questions, Dr. Kapper can be reached at kapper@prognutrition.com

Water is an essential part of your horses health, so be sure to have water available to him at all times, especially in the dead of winter like this January.