Equine Affair November 9-12

Come meet Explorer 007 aka Bond, at the Equine Affair in one month. Bond will be a demonstration horse in the “Ride with the Best” clinic featuring Cindy Sydnor, one of the top dressage trainers in the country. She will discuss and define balance: when, why and how to handle it. Cindy will also discuss comparing confirmation and its effect on an upper level horse’s performance
Bond was chosen because he exemplifies excellent confirmation and balance with a super natural rhythm and cadance.

bond psg.jpg

The Equine Affair is a National Exposition and equestrian gathering held once a year in Springfield, Massachusetts, at the Eastern States Exposition Center and will have something to offer to horse enthusiasts of all ages, all breeds, all levels of expertise in all equine disciplines.

Equine Affair will host the largest trade show of any horse expo in the East featuring hundreds of the nations equine related retailers and manufacturers.