Droid Commercial with Tye

Rex received a last minute call from a production company in LA  to bring horse to a commercial for Verizon.  Originally they requested a horse to rear under saddle and then gallop off into the desert.  When we arrived on set, the director decided he wanted something entirely different.  Tye was the Directors pick of the 3 horses Rex brought including Tuff and Copper.  You can see in the final commercial his performance is nothing like the original story board. Fortunately the client loved the look and result of the cowboy being knocked to the ground.  After the first couple takes I think Tye thought he was supposed to knock the cowboy to the ground, so with each new take he gave it more drama and gusto.  Rex and his son Ryan, worked Tye from the ground while I rode a pick up horse with another outrider so that  after e we could  bring Tye back to the set after each take.  Special effects had some difficulty blowing up the explosives, with several duds and a few times of only a black cloud which created a wall so that Tye ran the wrong direction, circling back behind camera to his stablemates.  It was a long hot day in the desert, but in the end everyone was thrilled with the result you see here.