Bionic Equestrian Gloves

Riders are always looking for the best new equipment to ride with and I have discovered a wonderful new addition to our wardrobe. The Bionic Equestrian Gloves are designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon with amazing features to improve grip and dexterity.

I stumbled upon these gloves while touring the Louisville Slugger Baseball Factory where they design and manufacture the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats. In the gift store on the way out I found these special gloves designed for baseball, golf, gardening, driving and equestrian.

These gloves are designed with stategically placed anatomical relief pads which even ot the surface of your hand. There are ergonomically-designed motion zones (knuckles) and web zones (between the fingers) to ease movement. The Bionic glove has a pre-rotated finger to promote natural hand closure.

These gloves are also endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation who conducted many tests to determine that they not only reduce pain during activites, they also provide superior comfort while enhancing both grip and pinch strength thus allowing the rider to have more feel of the horse. I highly recommend these gloves to any rider.

You can find these gloves at or call 1.877.5BIONIC and I am certain that they will soon be available in tack shops across the country.