A Special Thanks to Patrolman Laporto and Roemmele and Karl Bauer

nj cops flat tire

I watched a tire blow out on my horse trailer in the side mirror as we were driving North on Route 287 heading home from the NJ Horse Park. Limping along the shoulder I called Ryan Gaum who suggested calling 911. We were lucky to have the assistance of Patrolman Laporto and Roemmele who quickly solved the problem with a few phone calls. It turns out we did not have the correct tools, our spare was flat, and we realized we were in big trouble. Fortunately it was not raining, the horses had plenty of hay and it was late afternoon, several hours from sunset.

Luck was with us when one of the patrolmen called his friend Karl Bauer who lived nearby. Karl is an accomplished horse trainer who actually changed the tire and put us safely back on the road. A neighbor dropped by who had the correct size tools and a compressor to fill the flat tire. We are extremely lucky to have the fortune of meeting these generous individuals. The horses stayed on the trailer and our trip home was delayed by less than an hour. Thank you to everyone who helped us.